Dine in the dark

Covet for new experiences? Trapped in your daily routine? Or aybe you enjoy sharing moments with family and friends? Dine in the dark is right for you! The unique experience of tasting food will open your a way to new, magical world of flavors. The blind darkness creates an extraordinary atmosphere and  you start a piquant game with your senses. You won‘t be able to see anything: you will try to find cutlery, plate, and try to find food… However, the biggest challenge will be to understand what you are tasting.

It will be something you’ve tasted at least once in your life, or perhaps something very common, but without visualisation what you put into mouth, the taste of the meal may be quite different from what you expected. You will have to rely on your own flavor and receptors, which become more sensitive in the dark. Try this yourselves – it’s really incredible! Unforgetable experience could bring you to the new understanding of meals, senses and darkness…. You will want to share this with your friends  or repeat it yourselves again and again.

During your dinner you will be served:

  • Appetizer
  • Hot meal
  • Dessert

Drinks are not included. We reccomend to order your favorite drinks during the dinner.


Book tickets in advance. Ask for the available dates +370 686 123 11, hotel@daugirdas.lt.