JSC „Viešbučių paslaugos“, hotel „Daugirdas Old City“ (hereinafter – Hotel) (reg. address T. Daugirdo str.. 4, Kaunas, company code 304030271, VAT code LT100009357518, registry administrator state enterprise Centre of Registers).

A hotel guest is anyone in the territory of the Hotel.

  • These rules and regulations set out Hotel service delivery rules, primary guest service requirements, guest duties and rights for the use of services, and other requirements.
  • These rules are binding on all guests. Each guest must comply with the requirements set out in these conditions.
  • By checking into the Hotel, guest agrees to comply with these rules and regulations as well as agrees to introduce the accompanying guests with these requirements.
  • The guest is liable for any consequences that may happen due to not familiarising oneself with these rules and regulations.
  • People who disagree with these rules and regulations will not be accommodated or served at this Hotel.


  • Every guest must submit a valid personal identification document.
  • When a guest arrives, he is given a guest registration card, which must be filled in with the data of a valid personal identification document (passport, ID card).
  • Arrival time starts from 15:00 and departure is until 12:00.
  • Room reservation is kept until 18:00 on arrival day. Guest must inform the Hotel if the estimated arrival time is after 18:00. Otherwise, the Hotel has the right to cancel the reservation.
  • The guest must pay the invoice on the day of arrival (exceptions apply), if not paid before the arrival of the guest on the pre-payment invoice.
  • Hotel guest(s) can pay via bank transfer prior to their stay, in cash (Euro currency) or credit cards.
  • Only registered and authorised guests can stay in the Hotel. Unauthorised people can visit the Hotel guest(s) from 8:00 to 23:00 only. If an unauthorised person stays in a guest’s room after 23:00, an additional fee is applied. For more information about the fee, the guest can contact or ask the Hotel’s reception.
  • The cost of accommodation is paid according to the set prices in the pricelist of a particular period (EUR), i.e., according to a valid cooperation agreement or a valid daily price.
  • Guests staying less than 24 hours pay a full-time price regardless of billing hours.
  • At the request of the guest and subject to Hotel’s availability, a late check-out may be applicable for an additional fee.
  • Cancellation, shortening of the reservation and no-show of the guest are subject to the cancellation fee.
  • Guests with pets are accommodated at an additional cost. Pet owners are fully responsible for their pets and any hotel inventory damage caused by their pets must be fully compensated.
  • We reserve the right not to allow unwanted people in accordance with our rules.
  • If the inventory is missing or damaged, the perpetrators will pay damages in the ratio 1:2. If guests cannot be accommodated due to the damage caused, the full price is paid for the damage elimination period.


  • Move furniture (without the approval of the administration).
  • Keep ignitable materials in rooms.
  • Damage Hotel’s inventory.
  • Accommodate or invite unauthorized people to the Hotel’s territory or room without the Hotel receptionist’s notice.
  • Keep electrical devices switched on.
  • Use your electrical devices, except when the administration is warned about the use of such devices. (It is not forbidden to use a variety of chargers: for computers, phones, electric razors, hair dryers).
  • Keep animals, birds in the rooms without Hotel administration’s notice. Fine – 100 Eur.
  • Bother other Hotel guests during their stay, especially during the night (from 22:00 to 7:00), by making noise and preventing other guests from sleeping.
  • Smoke in the rooms. Fine – 150 Eur. For your safety, fire alarms are installed in all rooms.
  • Leave children for up to 12 years old unattended in the rooms.
  • Bring into the Hotel’s territory life-threatening weapons, tools or other means.


  • Follow the Hotel’s rules and regulations.
  • Pay for all services provided.
  • When leaving, return the room key (electronic card) to the receptionist and make sure that all services have been paid.
  • In case of having noticed any Hotel inventory or service quality failures, inform Hotel’s reception immediately.
  • In case of any damage caused to the Hotel’s inventory, the guest is responsible for paying the damage fine.
  • When staying in a room (which does not match the type of room guests have booked), inform Hotel’s receptionist immediately.
  • Strictly follow fire safety rules.
  • When leaving the room, make sure all electrical devices are switched off properly: lights, TV, etc.
  • Remember to check if all hot and cold-water taps are turned off properly.
  • When leaving to check if the room is securely locked, so that unauthorised people are unable to enter it as well to check whether all windows and balcony doors (if applicable) are closed.
  • The key to the room door (electronic card) can only be issued to the guest after submitting a personal identity document. In case of a lost or damaged room key (electronic card) – a fine of 10 Eur may be applied.
  • The administration committee of two competent staff members has the right to unanimously decide to check out the guest(s) without prior notice if that guest is disrupting the safety and well-being of the guests, staff and inventory of the Hotel.
  • The administration committee of two competent staff members has the right to unanimously decide to accommodate or transfer the Hotel guest(s) to another room or another accommodation establishment (under the same or better conditions).
  • Store valuable items in safes which are in the rooms. The Hotel is not responsible for any guest items left in the safes.
  • In case of emergency, guests must first contact the reception via phone: +370 686 12311 or via wire phone in rooms 1100.


  • The premises, equipment, furniture and bedding must be clean and tidy.
  • The staff, without disturbing the rest of Hotel guests, can make small repairs of premises and inventory.
  • Room service hours are from 08:00 to 17:00. While tidying a room, the Hotel maid will change the towel only if it is left on the floor. Bedding without a guest request is changed at least once every 3 days.
  • The administration has the right to enter guest rooms in order to ensure security.
  • The administration provides these services free of charge:
    • Call a doctor and provide first aid.
    • Deliver correspondence (as soon as they receive it).
    • The administration, having found the items left, returns to the owners immediately. If the owner is not found, the forgotten items are disposed of after 1 month in the established order.
  • The administration is not liable for unsecured and lost valuables and/or damage caused to them in the room or balcony.
  • The rules for the storage of guests’ belongings are regulated by Article 6.865 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • The guests themselves are responsible for their safety while using the services provided and must comply with the security rules. In case of any criminal behaviour (in breach of the laws of the Republic of Lithuania), the administration always informs the instances most competent for this matter.
  • All disputes arising between the Hotel and the guest shall be solved by mutual negotiations. Unresolved disputes between the parties may only be submitted to the courts of the Hotel place, according with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. A consumer could sue for consumer contracts in the courts for the place of the consumer residence.
  • Consumer can submit an application/complaint regarding the service purchased on our website to the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority (Vilniaus str. 25, 01402 Vilnius, email:, phone: +370 (5) 262 6751, fax.: +370 (5) 279 1466, on website:, its territorial divisions in the counties – or fill out an application form on the EGS platform
  • To ensure the security of you and your property, video surveillance cameras are installed in the common area and outside the building.
  • Daugirdas Hotel City Hotel follows the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts regulating the procedure for the collection, processing and storage of personal data in the process of collection, processing and storage of the data and information provided by the guest(s).

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